Course Themes and Lessons

Building Character For Life™ explores 7 major life and character development themes, which are further broken down into 3-5 Lessons each. Below is the complete list of Themes and their corresponding Lessons.

  1. Childhood Independence
  • Responsible behavior without adult supervision
  • Talking to strangers
  • Being safety conscious
  1. Relationships
  • Friendship
  • The new kid on the block
  • The importance of forgiveness in any relationship
  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Making sacrifices for others
  1. Model Behavior
  • What a good role model looks like
  • Being a good sport
  • What is karma?
  • Doing the right thing and being honest
  1. Communication Skills
  • Thinking before you speak
  • Bullying prevention
  • Showing compassion
  • Constructive criticism
  • Active listening
  1. Managing Emotions
  • Identifying emotions
  • Expressing emotions appropriately
  • Controlling anger and releasing tension
  • Judging people
  1. Generational Differences
  • Speeding up and slowing down time
  • Relating to older people
  • Showing respect for adults
  1. Follow Your Heart
  • Following your heart – “If you stop dreaming, you stop living”
  • Be careful what you wish for
  • Recognizing value

Each Theme and its corresponding Lessons are packaged as individual learning modules. These Lesson Packages include:

  • Instructions for the leader
  • Discussion guide
  • One or more activities designed to engage with the topic
  • “Follow Your Heart” video clips

Instructors can use any combination of Lesson Packages, or the entire course, which comprises 27 Lessons.